Aimee Smith
2021 School Board candidate

Aimee Smith

I am writing to express my interest and enthusiasm in joining the MPPS Board.

With my first daughter starting Kindy this year I am new to the MPPS community and am really looking forward to getting involved and contributing where I can. If elected to the Board I hope as a Kindy parent I can bring a fresh perspective and can be a valuable representative, particularly for parents of students in the early years of their education journey.

Professionally I work as a sustainability and climate change policy adviser. Prior to that I spent a decade working in the arts. I hope these diverse skills and passions may be valuable assets I can bring to the school community. I have previously been a Board member of an arts organisation and would bring this experience to the role.

I come from a family of teachers, both my parents spent over 35 years teaching. I hold the profession of teaching in high regard and know how important a positive education experience is to the wellbeing of our children. I admire and thank teachers for all that they do and I envisage my role on the Board to be one that supports MPPS teaching staff and enables a thriving school culture.

My partner and I moved to Maylands two years ago to raise our family. We love this place and I'm really excited to get more deeply involved and connected to the community through MPPS.

I would be thrilled to represent and contribute to the school community through a position on the Board.

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