Marina Males
2021 School Board candidate

Marina Males

I wish to express my interest for the vacant parent / caregiver position currently available on the School Board.

I bring two years' experience as the Communications Coordinator for our school's P&C committee.  This role has given me the opportunity to gain first hand insight into the goals and strategic vision of the school leadership. I have a good understanding of the challenges that the school is presently faced with, and the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

My family has been a part of Maylands Peninsula Primary School for more than six years, with both my boys thriving and enjoying the school environment. As a parent, I see the strength of the community of students, parents and teachers, and I am proud that my family is a part of that.

I am very passionate about public education and think it is vital all children be provided with the same opportunities. Furthermore, our school's commitment to recognising Indigenous Culture as well as showing respect to our community's multiculturalism is truly inspirational.

I would bring to the role the experiences of a migrant, having attended primary school in the former Yugoslavia. I believe this gives me an additional perspective on school organisation as well as the importance of education. I understand the challenges children whose home language is other than English can be confronted with.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Media from Edith Cowan University. For many years I worked for government agencies (Small Business WA and the Department of Transport), and over the last eight years I have been running my own small businesses, a graphic design studio as well as a photography business with my husband.

I have lived in Maylands for over 20 years. I love our suburb and neighbourhood, and I am an active part of the community through my business dealings, children's activities and community groups.

I have a strong passion for STEM subjects and the arts. I am a passionate advocate for positive changes in relation to environmental and climate issues. I believe schools should be at the forefront of this work and education over the coming years.

In this role I would bring a positive attitude, along with strong analytical and problem solving skills. I enjoy working on finding innovative solutions to problems, which I have gained fron running my own business.

I have the dedication to fulfill this role to the highest of standards by doing the work needed to achieve the best for our school. I would also like to retain my current role on the P&C at the same time. Although the two will be a significant responsibility, I am applying for this role with the full understanding of the commitment needed.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this role, and I look forward to presenting more details about myself and my experiences in person should that be required.

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